Fifth Entry

After not being able to make it to the Paulist Fathers office for several days I was finally able to make it in. As I mentioned before due to the confidential nature of the collection that I am working on  I won’t be able to go into details, but I can say that I continued inventory of the collection. For anyone wondering why it is that I’m working on inventory of the collection, it is because myself and my fellow Paulist Father’s AS-L project manger  are  attempting to establish intellectual control of the collection. Basically it means that we need to know what is in the collection in order for the organization and researchers to be able to access the information within this particular collection, to know what information is there and where it is stored. In order to do this myself and my  fellow Paulist Father’s AS-L project manager are in the process of doing an itemized inventory of the collection,  a finding aid and other things. I also spent time working on some issues that arose with the HHC logo, which included a telephone conversation with another AS-L project manager. We were attempting to figure out how to add the logo the site title section of the blog, but are still working on it. I am hopeful that we will be able to find a resolution to the issue soon.

watermark logo of a book

The logo for the Hidden Heritage Collections site

Link to a definition of intellectual control from the glossary of the Society of American Archivists:

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